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I think yoga can be a very effective self-healing tool, but its effectiveness depends on how we perceive ourselves in this world. When we stop treating our body as a solid mass separate from everything else, and know it as a fluid, highly intelligent organism interconnected to all that is, then the destructive patterns will begin to reverse towards healing ones. Yoga familiarizes us and grounds us in our subtle body. By affecting the flow in the subtle body, we transform the physical body. This is why we feel calm and grounded after a well rounded practice. I have come to this understanding by simply practicing and paying attention. In turn, my yoga has deepened and continues to do so. How I teach and interact with everyone and everything around me has tremendously changed. I now see the world as an extension of what I am deep inside. Welcome to Yoga. -Art

Art Grigorian is a Yoga teacher living in Los Angeles. While studying Music Composition and Piano Performance at CSUN, he discovered Yoga, and after a decade of self practice, found inspiration to teach. His journey led him to the right teachers, as it often will, who continued to unravel the mystery and inspire clarity on his path. Art undertook his teacher training in Pasadena, CA under a distant disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, and began teaching yoga classes immediately. In 2014, Art went to India to study Mysore Ashtanga for 3 months. He returned to teach in Pasadena, and in 2016, made the leap to open his own studio in his hometown of Glendale, CA. Art’s formal musical training has been a vital part of his teachings. During his classes, he incorporates music in a unique way. The amalgamation of music and yoga makes each class a healing and a life changing experience. Yoga has now been an abiding presence in his life for more than 25 years. He has studied various styles of yoga with some of the most distinguished teachers around the world. He offers private yoga classes, corporate yoga classes, life coaching sessions, and sometimes shares another side of himself as a compelling writer.

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